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  • Getting an Irish Passport
    Current information on how to obtain Irish citizenship and a passport.

  • Day Trip to Wicklow
    A beautiful mountainous area of southeast Ireland makes for a great day trip from Dublin.


  • Spanish Point
    Legends of Spanish shipwrecks and "black Irish" sailors on a beach in West Clare.

  • Poulnabrone
    An ancient monument in The Burren may have been a tomb, or an ancient tribal signpost.

  • Loop Head
    A lovely, less developed peninsula in Ireland's southwest.

  • Kilmore Quay
    A surprising town of thatched roofs in the sunny southeast.

  • Irish Seaweed Baths
    They used to be spartan mudbaths in the old days. Nowadays the Irish have added soft lighting and music.

  • Glenveagh Castle
    In Donegal, a stunning castle and national park with an American connection.

  • The Gap of Aherlow
    Not far from Tipperary, one of the most heavenly hiking areas on earth.

  • First Class Tour of Ireland
    A wealthy relative steps in to make this writer's first visit to Ireland and incredible tour with limos, castles and other pricey perks.

  • Dublin Tour
    A quick easy one-day tour of the capital's key sites.

  • Donegal
    An Irish family moves to Donegal, and find that it's still a very different world from the rest of Ireland.

  • Crough Patrick
    A hike up St. Patrick's mountain is a real workout.

  • Belleek Castle
    A cozy little castle with hidden passages and a mysterious atmosphere.

  • Aran Island Halloween
    Out in Inisheer, it's very quiet on Halloween.

  • Irelands Tourist Dive
    Our writers give you the inside scoop on which famous tourist sites you'll want to visit, and which you'll be better off to pass by.

  • Ireland Travel
    A directory of our travel stories.




  • Saint Patricks Day History
    The strange story of how this holiday got so big internationally that they even started celebrating it in Ireland.

  • Russborough Art
    Russborough House has long been a favorite of art lovers. But art thieves like it even more.

  • Return to Belfast
    A women from the Republic who attended college in Belfast goes back and finds some things changed, and some things just the same.

  • Mortgages in Ireland
    The 100 per cent mortgage drives homebuying in Ireland to even more dizzying heights.

  • Lawsuits in Ireland
    With almost as many lawyers per capita as the U.S., Ireland has become a place where every disagreement becomes a court case.

  • Irish Political Science
    A hilarious remembrance of drumming up support among voters in the Irish countryside back in the 1970's.

  • Irish Laws & Life
    A prominent young Irish politician talks about conflicts between old Irish laws and the country's new social realities.

  • A Home in Ireland
    For most young people, the dream of home ownership in Ireland is just that - a pure dream.

  • Horse Riding in Ireland
    A Western-style horse ranch in Donegal that's becoming very popular.

  • Hurling for Pride
    An American lacrosse player takes a shot a playing Ireland's roughest sport.

  • Guinness Low Alcohol
    Struggling Guinness tries to recapture it's market with low alcohol and other new drinks.

  • Foreign Hotel Workers in Ireland
    A hotel clerk with an Irish accent has become a thing of the past.

  • Cell Phones Ireland - On to Eternity
    More and more of the Irish have decided they want to take a cell phone with them to the great hereafter.

  • YouTube Ireland
    Check out which videos are coming in from Ireland these days.

  • Modern Ireland
    Directory of our stories about modern Ireland.



  • West Cork Food Producers
    A whole world of new specialty food-producing farms has sprung up on beautiful West Cork. A great tour for culinary enthusiasts.

  • Christmas Plum Pudding
    A traditional recipe for the cholesterol-heavy favorite from Ireland.


  • Irish Crafts
    Shopping for the exciting new crafts products coming out of Ireland, and how to get the best deal.



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