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I'm a big fan of traditional Irish music. Please enjoy some of the CD reviews and interviews with players and singers I've been done for Ireland Fun Facts. (While you're reading up, wanna know what a cruit is? How about the definition of a planxty? Find out in our glossary of Irish Music terms).

Danu In Concert, Reviewed
An "all-star" lineup of musicians has made Danu perhaps the top traditional group of the moment. Their lead singer Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh is nothing less than extraordinary.

Oisin McAuley, a different kind of Donegal fiddler
The solo debut by a player from Danu bends all the familiar rules of melody and improvisation.

Old Irish Show Tunes Come Back to Life
Mick Moloney digs into the songs of Harrigan and Braham, and finds lots of humor, along with a sharp portrait of Irish-American life in the 1870's.

1 Guitar + 1 Fiddle = 1 Real Gem
Liz Carroll and John Doyle are a power duo who can reinvent the Irish tradition all by themselves.

Backstage With John Doyle
Ireland's lead guitarist talks about music, modern Ireland and playing three gigs on Saint Patrick's Day.

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