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Irish culture has an amazing variety of old "feasts," traditions, customs and historic legends. Many trace all the way back to Roman times.

Some - like the Wren Day in Dingle - are now celebrated in just one slightly out-of-the-way place. The pancake festival of Shrove Tuesday, on the other hand, is still pretty widely observed across Ireland (this oddball feast is linked to "Fat Tuesday" in New Orleans). Enjoy!
-Robert Sullivan

"Little Women's Christmas"
Every 6th of January, Ireland's traditional "girl's night out" lives on.

The Wren Day Lives on in County Kerry
Dingle, quiet for most of the winter, makes a little noise on the day after Christmas.

Shrove Tuesday Pancakes
A Sweet Reward, still popular as the Lenten fast goes out of style.

Halloween on the Aran Islands
A strange silence prevails. Traditions, customs of an old, old Celtic holiday.

Bilberry Sunday
Few in Ireland remember this festival of food and courtship in mid-summer. A cheerful bit of Irish culture that's almost lost.

"Queen of the Pirates"
In the 1500's, Grace O'Malley commanded a crew of 200 men, terrorized ships off the Irish Coast, and made deals with Queen Elizabeth.

Celtic Halloween
The holiday that Ireland gave to America.

View Full Story ArchiveIreland's Marriage Customs Involving Food
Rituals surrounding apple peels and dancing nuts recall a time when matchmaking was a very serious business.

A Very Different Castle
"Tower House" ruins of The West speak volumes about Irish culture and life in the rough and tumble 1600's.

"Meagher of the Sword"
My unusual ancestor was notorious on both sides of the Atlantic.

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